Consultancy within Railway Aero- and Thermodynamics, Fluid Mechanics, Research, Development and Innovation

Short overview of our main consultancy areas 

MSiCo AB offers primarily Senior Consultancy in the below areas

Railway Aerodynamics

  • Aerodynamic drag and low drag design: important for installed power, energy consumption and environment.
  • Cross wind safety: the risk to overturn in strong winds; combination of wind probability, surrounding ground, influence of infrastructure (embankments, bridges) and susceptibility of the train.
  • Tunnel aerodynamics: loads on trains and tunnel due to the induced pressure waves, tunnel design, passenger pressure comfort, design of pressure tight trains (to increase comfort), micro-pressure waves  and increased aerodynamic drag in the tunnel. Employ 1-D simulation program ThermoTun (
  • Forces on the surrounding: pressure loads (head pressure pulse) and induced wind (slipstream).
  • Aerodynamic load on track - Ballast projection: important for high speed lines with ballast track.
  • Aerodynamic forces on the pantograph.
  • In winter: snow ploughing and snow accumulation.


  • Cooling concept: overall design of the propulsion cooling including pressure drops, air quality, temperature and position of intakes and outlets.
  • System cooling: design to ensure good or optimum system cooling, e.g. motors, converters or transformers.
  • Re-aspiration: consider and minimize re-aspiration of warm air from upstream equipment.
  • Internal climate: insulation, air distribution and temperatures to achieve a good internal climate for the passengers.

Fluid Mechanics

    • The basic equations of fluid mechanics are general for all fluid flow. Normally simplified to suite the specific situations, e.g. the common incompressible formulations, alternatively considering compressibility, heat transfer or two-phase flow. 
    • Previous experience in addition to the railway aero- and thermodynamics includes, transonic flow in a turbine stator, non-newtonian highly viscous flow during suger crystallization with changing fluid properties, rotating flow in radial fans.

    Numerical simulations (CFD)

        • Extensive experience with different commercial Computation Fluid Dynamic (CFD) software applied to a range of different flows (transonic, sugar crystallization, external railway aerodynamics, thermodynamics including climate simulations, tunnel aerodynamics).
        • MSiCo AB uses the well established 1-D tunnel aerodynamics simulation program ThermoTun (
        • MSiCo AB does at this time not have own computational resources or CFD program for 3-D CFD.

        Measurement guidance and data analysis 

        • Specification of measurements for railway aero- and thermodynamics (but not measurement expert).
        • Analysis of measured data.

              Research, Development and Innovation

              • Initiation and management of research and development projects. Previous experience of internal and external projects, the latter including technical lead of EU FP7 railway research project AeroTRAIN (
              • Innovation by passion and interest rather than formal training. A constant ambition to improve and develop (previously resulting in improved designs and patents).


              • Seminars, presentations or orientations within Railway Aero- and Thermodynamics.